Day 99: Standing up, being attacked, and Desteni


Recently, the attacks being made are becoming more and more frequent, this has prompted me to look at some points that require clarification.

1: Why am I standing up? What is it all about?

The fact is I am tired of living a lie, living in a culture that is a lie, living in a world system that is a lie – how can that be defined? If it is not already obvious, then I would simply indicate the absolute horror that our world culture/systems are producing. If one can not see how our society is fundamentally flawed in that it allows mass genocide and abuse through various forms such as mass starvation, war, murder, rape, poverty, animal abuse, torture etc. – all at a grand scale. This suffering is so extensive that it really should be a considered a mental illness that a person is not understanding the gravity of this as our number 1 priority in terms of what requires attention and sorting out. Yet, ‘sanity’ and a ‘healthy life’ is apparently just making yourself happy and remaining ignorant and apathetic about this, as it is defined in our culture.

That is sick. It is disgusting. Call me crazy – call me judgmental – because I do judge it as I have judged myself as I too have been a part of this, I too have lived in ignorant bliss and still often get the desire to just ‘run away’ and escape it all and just pursue self interest and remain ignorant and apathetic. But how the fuck could anyone live with themselves, knowing what is going on in this world, and then turning a blind eye? How does this not invalidate our current accepted morality system in every way?

2. What is the nature of the attacks?

What is fascinating that I have found in the attacks is: they are always personal, and never based on principle. What I have found is that every attempt possible will be made to characterize and demonize anyone who stands up and challenges the prominent world view. I have had all my flaws, my mistakes, my imperfections – anything possible – brought up and used against me to try and invalidate the principle message which I am standing for/as. None of the attacks will ever be based on principle – a false morality, maybe, but never principle. Within this, sound arguments are never made, only emotion, intimidation, manipulation, subversive coercion, power/status and spitefulness is used in an attempt to coax one into submission.

Have a look throughout history how our civilization is built on war, destruction, abuse – this is an undeniable fact, if one is not selective about their history and the way in which things are remembered.

Have a look at anyone who has ever stood up and said “everyone, stop, and learn to live as equals, as one”, Jesus, for instance, was crucified, and there were many others who had this message and were either outcast, demonized or murdered altogether. An absolute fascist response to a message of freedom.

What is fascinating also is that within this – those who actually take the message of equality and take it upon themselves the task to learn what it actually means, lived and applied on a practical level, and stands up and insist that our world systems also require a change so that life is recognized/valued equally – is called a fascist – as the fascists will project all kinds of fascist bullshit onto those who would dare to stand up and question the abuse and actually do something about it, practically.

I have experienced this, ironically from those who claim ‘the highest love for me’.

Why do I specify those who ‘live and apply this message practically’ – because that is exactly what no one does. Equality is nothing new – but it has certainly never been a way of life and from thus from this perspective, is something very new, for all of us to learn. That is why it may look and appear strange at times – because it may deviate from our ‘idea’ of equality – because we have never actually seen what real equality looks like in application! It is not a ‘make pretend’ game where we just try to imagine equality into being, or just experience equality as a nice idea or a feeling – practically applied, it would mean a completely change in the way we live, see, perceive, experience and operate, it would mean a total transformation in the people we are and the world systems which we exist within. It will take dedication, hard work, real extensive investigation, research – whatever it takes really.

And yet, a group that actually does this, will be called evil fascist, a cult – whatever words with sufficient negative connotation to try and demonize, characterize the group through simple name calling which will trigger a predictable negative response in those who do not question their reality.

3. What is being attacked? What is the actual nature of the group I am standing with?

If Christians did what is best for all life, I would be a Christian. If Muslims did what is best for all life, I would be a Muslim. If Buddhists did what is best for all life, I would be a Buddhist. If Atheists did what is best for all life, I would be an Atheist. If new agers did what is best for all life, I would be a new ager. If scientology did what is best for all life, I would be a scientologist. If the people who believe in galactic federations/aliens/reptilians did what is best for all life, I would be a part of this group. The name is irrelevant – the principle, practically applied is all that matters – yet that is how brainwashing is used – take a name, demonize it, call it a cult or make up whatever shit is necessary to do the TRICK, and those who cannot think sufficiently for themselves stupid enough to fall for it will do so.

What is a cult? Religion is a cult. Nationalism is a cult. CULTure is a cult. Family is a cult. These are more obvious ones, and then there are all the subcultures, of which there are MANY. Is this inherently evil? Obviously no – have these ancient institutions served to divide mankind and produce a world of abuse and suffering? Obviously yes.

The question is not about cult or not, it is rather: what is the starting point of your cult? Is it to sort out this world and to live the message of ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’? or is it to continue to turn a blind eye to private and individualized/divisive interests?

I am a Destonian – it is just a name – for a ‘cult’ that is standing up for life to stop what we have accepted and allowed and to begin to create ourselves and our world in a way that is best for all life. What does that mean? To answer this question I will use a quote from Bernard Poolman: “it means nothing.”

There is nothing ‘special’ or ‘profound’ about it. We are not special. We are not superior – we are fuckups just like everybody else, we have egos just like everybody else, we have a past like everybody else, we have ‘sinned’ like everybody else, we have made mistakes and will make more mistakes, just like everybody else. We are humans like everyone else, we are equal to everyone else. We recognize the simple truth that there is no fucker on this planet who has not fucked up – we are all in this together, equally.

It is what it is – we are a group of ordinary people, who have simply recognized what is currently existing within ourselves and on this earth, and have stood up and said “no more, until here no further”, finally do what is necessary to sort ourselves and this world out. Obviously within this is the necessity for self change – real self change through self honesty and self forgiveness, practically lived and applied – as one might be aware, to do this is the greatest challenge anyone can undergo. Everyone fear facing themselves and changing the person who they are because we all know deep down on some level who we are, what we have allowed, what we have done, and we fear facing ourselves extensively.

Because this group is doing this does not make us better or morally superior. The fact is, when you look at the magnitude of the harm we have done as what we have accepted and allowed our world to become – undertaking this process of self correction and standing up for life is the absolute least one can do. However, it is a challenge, as everyone does tend to fear the road less traveled, and we – in our weakness and self shame/guilt/regret for our inability to actualize self change – will tend to become jealous towards those who do, and jealousy will make you nasty.

I will not profess love, I will not profess godhood or anything divine, I will not profess that I am special or superior, I will not profess that I am righteous – and in a world with so much corruption and deception, where you are never sure which person or which cult to trust, where words like ‘love’ and ‘god’ are some of the most abused words on earth – I would not trust anything or anyone who does profess these things.

Research what we share – make sure you understand it – because we are all fools living in a fools paradise, don’t fool yourself by judging something that is not fully understood just because it appears to be aloof. That is the basis of all hatred and bigotry in this world.

11 thoughts on “Day 99: Standing up, being attacked, and Desteni”

  1. Cool. In a system/world designed to take/abuse life, to stand up for life asl life only makes sense one would be attacked. Its the way of the ego.

  2. Your words resonate from inside me,want to come out and face my physical reality that at this moment is just as You have explained those Attacks!Thanks!

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