Day 115: Law and decision making in an Equal Money Capitalist System


How would law and decision making work in an equal money capitalistic system work? I used to think this was some big complicated deal to figure out, but I eventually began to see the simplicity of how these decisions would be based, as they all fall within one basic principle, being: All life is equal and as such all laws and decisions will be taking into consideration all life equally as what would be best for all individuals in this world.


So, looking at our current situation on earth, there are X amount of resources that require to be allocated to X amount of people, while taking into consideration doing this in a way that is environmentally friendly as taking into consideration what the best way to do this would be while taking the eco system and the animal kingdom into consideration.


So for instance, we are able to determine that human beings require basic life support such as food, shelter, healthcare, education, transportation, and thus some of our resource production and allocation system must be designed to provide this.


We know that these basic rights must be protected, thus security, law enforcement and property/ownership rights must be designed to protect the basic necessities of the human as the right to life.


We know that – through our current economic system – money and resources are able to be hoarded and used as leverage over other human beings for power and control, and thus economic laws will require to be designed in a way where money serves only to allocate resources equally to those who require them, and the acquisition of one person having ‘more’ than others must be determined through an equal labor system where all have the equal opportunity to work and earn more, if they so choose – eliminating the possibility of exploitation. So the money that is allocated as a basic human right to support living needs is exhaustible – meaning that it is only to be used for this means and thus if any extra money remains when basic needs are taken care of, it will cease to exist as all needs have been met, eliminating the possibility of hoarding and exploiting this basic right. This affectively deals with one of the main criticisms of how our current welfare system is sometimes exploited.


We know that because the human requires education, education will be equally available for all and will be designed in a way where there is no profit motive and self interest as the driving force to educate oneself, and rather support the individual in education to develop their self expression and skills in a way that would benefit not just themselves, but benefit themselves in a way that is oriented within the context of what is best for all life. The same would apply with work – the incentive of jobs and the work force would be to work in a way that supports the individuals self expression, while providing a dignified life for oneself and contributing to the welfare of all, answering the questions some might have about the aforementioned resource production and allocation system of “but who will provide these resources” – as society provides unconditional support to the individual, so will the individuals life be organized in a way as to serve the interests of what would be best for all life equally.


One of the main fears regarding this kind of system which has been engrained since birth is that of scarcity – that there simply will not be enough to go around for everyone. What is not considered within this is the massive amount of waste that is produced within the current system, and the mismanagement/mis-allocation of resources. If one does their homework it has already been shown that even within the current profit-driven economic system, we produce more than enough in basic resources to support the earths population, but actually deliberately with hold or even destroy many of these resources, simply to create profit through desperation in demand of those who live in lack.


Obviously within an equality based system, all war would stop and this has also been recognized by many that even the amount that we spend on wars is more than enough to provide everyone on earth with basic resources. There is more than enough for everybody. There is NO real excuse to not have an equality based system and provide a dignified life for all beings on earth save for mental disorders of fear and self interest.


Some might argue that human beings would not be willing to live within an equality based system and that the self interest of the individual would reign supreme, however, that is not considering several points:


1. That self interest is a point that is culturally conditioned that disregard the facts that human cooperation is always essential and central to all development.


2. Our current system is based on incentives that drive the individual to participate within their own self interest – this is engrained within the profit motive where one is inclined to ‘get the best deal they can’ regardless of whether or not it is best for all parties involved. Thus if there were a change in incentives where we had new incentives that were: working towards the benefit of all life is what will benefit the individual the most, then obviously the individual would work towards the interests of what is best for all life.


3. Those who steadfastly uphold the values and principle of our current profit/self interest based economic system, are a very small minority within the greater context of the worlds population. Growing up in a rich country, I used to believe that all people were conditioned in this same way, to be greedy, self interested, and spitefully competitive. However having travelled the world I have seen that this is not the case everywhere. The population of rich countries in the world constitutes roughly only a billion people out of the world’s population, and there are still plenty of poor people within these countries. An even smaller minority is those who capitalize to the extent of being wealthy, it is a tiny portion of the worlds population. As majority of the world population falls within the category of ‘have-nots’, the majority of people on earth would be inclined to support an economic system – I have found this not simply through common sense but investigating the character and views of people in poorer countries when compared to people from richer countries. It has only tended to be people from richer countries, and especially those who are doing well financially within these countries, that I have ever found require to be explained to the value of an equality-based system. In this sense, personal success and happiness is one of the most blinding forms of brainwashing that exist.


In a world where the divide between haves and have-nots is ever increasing and slated to only increase, I would suggest that the have’s remember their roots and to use their opportunity of a privileged life to stand up for those who do not have. For others as well as self, as the have-nots of the world have had-enough bullshit and will – as we have seen in news stories from around the world – begin to simply wage war on those who have and take back what has been unrightfully taken from them as their right to a dignified life. Do not get carried away with the thrills of a privileged life, forgetting that in the enraged eyes of the envious as those who were left behind, we all carry a bulls-eye on our backs.


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