Day 118: Equal Money System vs. Playing the Lottery

A few days ago I noticed a post on-line in my facebook – it was a picture of a man showing a winning lottery ticket, and underneath the picture it was written that if people shared the picture, he would pick from this group 10 people to each give 1 million dollars to. I initially wanted to re-post, but upon reconsideration, I did not. Why? Because firstly, what are the odds that I would actually be picked? Slim to none. Secondly – what is the message that I am tacitly conveying/promoting in participating within this lottery craze? Greed, for starters, and also an underlying mentality that would drive one to play the lottery:


By placing hope and faith in a lottery, what are we implying? That we would like to have more money and better quality of life – so, why is our quality of life not good enough already? Why are we existing in a state of lack already where the current money we have is not sufficient? As has been discussed previously in this blog, there are major economic issues that serve to create a world state where billions of people are living in lack, with not enough, while a very small number of people have far too much. There are very distinct, identifiable reasons for this, enmeshed within the rules of how the current world economic systems function. So my question is: why do we not do anything to sort out this problem, so that we are GUARANTEED a life without lack, where we have everything we require to sufficiently live and have every opportunity to live a life of excellence? The irony of this is that, while we have NO control over who will win the lottery, the economy, on the other hand, is something that everyone collectively does have directive principle in – if we so chose to exercise it. It is not even a matter of chance, it is direct actions, person by person, act by act, that would allow us to accumulatively eventually create a major change in how our economic system functions. It is actually quite amazing and ridiculous that one would place faith in something so unlikely and practically impossible such as the lottery instead of actually working towards a change in the economy – only a lifetime of brainwashing could have one actually believing that playing the lottery is a plausible choice when compared to doing some real hard work that yields real results..


Greed is a short sighted thing, and of course is only ever concerned with self or self and others close to us. And, going back to what I was saying about conveying a message – albeit underlying and subconscious in nature – everywhere you look, personal greed is being endorsed as a way of life, where we are encouraged to participate within the accepted world economic system casino, only for our own personal gain, and at that, as a matter of chance. Yes, some peoples chances are better than others. If you are born into wealth, your chances are much better than one not born into wealth – similarly, if you have money to buy many lottery tickets, the better chance you have to win the lottery. If you have very little money to buy lottery tickets, the less chance of winning the lottery. Some people are born into no money and cannot even afford to play in the money lottery as the world economic system casino.


Look at to what extent this conditioning of living in the economic money casino has on people and the way we view life. Notice how much people simply play the odds and just hope for the best and hope that they have played their cards right. Look at the extent to which people invest in faith and hope, the extent to which people believe in luck and chance as the deterministic way of life – even the belief in God has turned into a kind of game of chance where we hope and pray for the best. Have we excluded absolute certainty as a way of life? Could the exclusion of absolute certainty as a way of life be the reason why we live in so much fear and uncertainty?


I dare you to challenge your brainwashing to lose faith in the money system casino and instead, stand up and support a revolution in our world economic system where we write the rules by which our economic system functions based on the certainty of guaranteeing all people on earth everything they require to exist and to live a life of excellence – investigate equal money system and equal money capitalism – one by one, we can accumulatively create a new way for life on earth – 1+1+1+1+1 etc…now that is certainty.

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